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Over the past decade, we’ve perfected the art of B2B lead generation using our B2B appointment setting service. Through phone, email, social, and web, we’ve proven time and again that we can plug any sale into our system and generate the desired outcome. Our finely-tuned processes will consistently deliver qualified sales opportunities to your closers so that they can stay laser-focused on interested prospects. Working with our team of experts, you’ll meet with qualified B2B companies through our proven appointment-setting methods.

Our full-funnel method ensures that your team does not burn through leads. We combine our lead generation services and follow the lead until you have a fully qualified appointment set with a decision-maker. Once the appointment is fully transitioned to your sales team, we measure the ROI to determine the quality of the lead and appointment.



Our experience has taught us how to approach prospects from every imaginable industry. For example, we use a different contact strategy for each appointment setting campaign based on the desired title, vertical, company profile, and more. We use historical data in the space that you are targeting to increase our efficiency. Through a collaborative partnership with Enigma Leads, your team will learn from ours. The difference between success and failure often lies in the details, and we’re fixated on them.

Our lead development strategy has been tested time and again. We set your appointments and put them on your sales teams’ calendars. Each prospect is fully vetted and qualified against your parameters so your team isn’t spinning their wheels with low-value clients.



We continue to invest in cutting-edge technology to meet the growing demands of our clients. Through our innovative use of sales and marketing automation, we deliver more in less time. Our custom-built dialing platforms analyze lead-list data in real time and prioritize leads based on time of day, number of previous attempts, lead status, email opens, and more. Partnering with Enigma Leads gives you a distinct edge over your competition.

Our technology resources and databases inform and drive our decisions every day. Take advantage of real-time data to improve your messaging on inbound and outbound lead generation activities. As your campaign progresses and more data points are gathered, you will be able to create better messaging for your market segments.



Our appointment setting services are designed to represent your company as you would while staying invisible to your prospects. We look and feel just like your inside business development team. We use an email account set upon your domain to communicate to your future clients and always take the responsibility of representing your brand seriously. You’ve spent years defining yourself-we help you keep your good name.

Our agents are carefully training using your materials. We monitor their activities for quality assurance to provide you with the peace of mind that your brand and your company are represented in the most professional manner possible.



Sifting through dead-end leads is a soul-crushing waste of time. There’s a better way to generate the sales you need. What if your sales team could skip the cold outreach and spend their time on pre-scheduled sales calls? What if they had the tools to spend their entire day closing? An added benefit of using Enigma Leads is a huge boost in your sales teams’ morale because they aren’t spending 70%-80% of their time prospecting.

Now, they can focus heavily on the clients who generate the most revenue for your company, implementing relationship building activities and upselling the latest product.


What Is Appointment Setting?

Appointment setting is the final step in the lead generation process. At this stage, a prospect has moved through the lead generation funnel, been qualified, and has expressed interest in speaking to a sales representative. The prospect has been carefully screened for the following:

  • Are they the decision maker?
  • Do they have the needed budget?
  • Are they likely to purchase your product or service?

You may have other criteria specific to your business needs that have been met at this stage.

Now, our representatives coordinate the prospect’s calendar and availability with a sales representative and sets the appointment. Both the prospect and the sales representative receive a invitation and schedule to the appointment and confirm their availability.

What Is The Difference Between An Appointment Setter and A Sales Representative?

An appointment setter’s primary job is to drive sales qualified leads and prospects to the sales team. Their goal is to make an appointment with a prospect who has met a list of criteria.

The difference between an appointment setter and a sales representative is their goals. The appointment setter wants the prospect to speak with a sales representative. The sales representative wants the prospect to purchase their service or product.

While an appointment setter may have a great deal of information on the product or service, they won’t have the depth of knowledge the sales representative does.

For example, an appointment setter may understand the various features and benefits of a software program. However, a sales representative will be able to demonstrate the software program and show prospects exactly how to use the software.

An appointment setter and a sales representative are members of the same team. An appointment setter may learn critical information during their qualifying calls about the prospects motivations for buying, what their concerns are, and what features they care about. The appointment setter can relay that information to the sales representative who can then structure his pitch or demo around that information.

What Do Appointment Setters Do?

An appointment setter utilizes a process to reach out to prospects, qualifies those prospects, and then grades the prospect. Once they have determined the quality of the lead, they then reach out to the prospect to set up an appointment.

This can require multiple touchpoints, including calls and emails to coordinate schedules and to remove gatekeepers.

Appointment setters do not want to set up appointments with people who are not the ultimate decision makers, but they may have to speak to several of these people along the way in order to get to the decision maker.

This journey requires lead nurturing to help get the lead ready to buy. Once the prospect has reached that critical juncture, the appointment setter works to set up the appointment.

How Much Is Appointment Setting?

Appointment setting services vary by the project. Your needs may differ from one project to the next and will depend on the scope of the project. The types of leads and appointments needed can impact the cost. For example, it may cost more to set up appointments with CEO’s and COO’s of companies than it does to a consumer of a household product. Generally, the more gatekeepers between the decision maker and the sales representative, the higher the cost.

At Enigma Leads, we will provide a quote once we have thoroughly assessed your needs and project. Furthermore, we will be transparent in how that money is being spent and used to develop and qualify your leads. Our reporting system helps you see the data and the ROI.

We offer two pricing models:

  • Monthly retainer
  • Pay for performance

Contact one of our sales representatives to learn what services and model best fits your needs.

Why Should I Hire An Appointment Setting Service?

There can be several indicators that your business should hire an appointment setting service. One of the biggest indicators is your conversion rates.

If your marketing team is driving leads, but those leads aren’t converting, it may be time to hire a professional service that can better qualify your leads and improve your bottom line.

Another key indicator is if your sales team is having a difficult time connecting with key decision makers or the sales journey is taking too long. These inefficiencies can kill your ROI and conversion rates and an appointment setting service can help improve those numbers.

If your retention rates are down, you may be selling but you may not be selling to the right audience. An appointment setting service can better qualify leads so they reach out to customers who are likely to buy again from your company.

Finally, if you don’t have the resources or talent to generate leads and set appointments, it’s better to outsource these services than try to hire and train an in-house team. You may lose out on opportunities while trying to build out your internal resources.

How Do You Hire An Appointment Setting Service?

Hiring an appointment setting service is just as critical as hiring new team members. We are, after all, an extension of your team.

To hire the right appointment setting service, set up an initial needs assessment and consultation. Determine whether the company is a good fit by looking at what they focus on.

They should be focused on understanding your goals, your company, and how they can help you improve your bottom line. A good company will be transparent about their process and plans on how to achieve those results and will provide up-to-date data and reports on their efforts.





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